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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About Packaging Machines

What kind of products does your packaging machines pack?

Our packaging equipments and machines can do packing of many products like small goods, pastes, granules, liquids and much more. You can know more in this concern just contact us.

How do you control your packaging machines?

We control our packaging machines through Siemens control system that works with color touch screen.

Do you use your packaging machines in the tasks of packaging and filling?

Yes our packaging machines can be used as a complete part of production technology. They have a system having different machines to do communicate with one another. We use these equipments to do filling as well as packaging of pellets made of wood. Our packaging machine system consists of equipment like bag fillers, fencing, roller track, labeling devices, hopper machines and dosing equipments. We ensure all parts of the packaging line.

How many packaging machines have you created till now?

Since the time when the technology of packing machine came up, we have manufactured 700 pieces of packaging machines.

What material do you use to manufacture packaging machines?

We manufacture packaging machines of metals like iron and stainless steel of standard quality. We use stainless steel ASI 304 to make those packaging machines that do packing of food. We also utilize stainless steel AISI 316L to manufacture machines for packing purpose.

Do you provide packaging machine with dosing equipment?

In most cases we do not provide dosing equipment along with packaging machine. We do this when our customers do not need them together.

We want to know what is a tube?

Tube is an integral part of a packaging machine. It gives shape to the final package to fill dosed goods into the shaped bag.

Of how much maximum length any packaging machine produces a bag?

Our packaging machines can produce a bag of length upto 250 mm. ABG packaging machines is a device that can produce bags of even 1120 mm length.

In what kind of environment can a packaging machine be installed?

You can install a packaging machine in a dry environment that is free from dust. Please keep it away from dust and humidity or else they may damage the machine.

Is it possible for a packaging machine to pack more goods within the same time duration?

Yes this is possible if you use a double stick or double format packaging machine.

Is it possible for packaging machines to pack goods into bags of various sizes?

Yes this is possible, for this purpose you will need bags of various sizes. You will have to contact and consult the sales department to get this task done. They will supply you with bags of different sizes in which the packaging machines can fill and pack goods..

How much time does a packaging machine take for a conversion?

The time duration taken by a packaging machine for a conversion depends on its model. It also depends on the skill of the operator and number of tubes that are utilized.

Is your packaging machine compatible to pack hot liquids?

Yes our packaging machine provides facility to pack hot liquids.

What steps should be taken if any packaging machine or its spare parts display signs of failure?

When you see that the packaging machine or its spare parts show signs of failure then call its supplier as early as possible. It is the supplier who checks the machine and gives repairing solutions.

Are your packaging machines eco friendly?

We create such packaging machines that are eco friendly and do not produce excess waste. When our packaging machine is operated then it is essential to create 15 cycles with empty bags. While mode of operation the waste material is separated automatically and is thrown as a recyclable material. Other wastes are not produced during the operation of these packaging machines. After any packaging machine is decommissioned is technology does not include any kind of conventional parts. Our machines do not produce fatal materials and toxic gases that spoil the eco-system. The steel frame of our machines is made of materials created of metallurgy. For this reason it is a secondary raw material..

What are the terms of delivery concerned with your packaging machines?

We deliver our packaging machines and accessories as per complexities of these machines. They have a workload ranging from 2 to 4 months.

Do you have provisions of keeping packaging machines in stock?

We do not keep packaging machines in stock. This is because every packaging machine has its own features. It meets individual needs of every customer.

About Accessories

Are the same kind of dosing equipment used for all kind of packed goods?

No! Each and every commodity has different textures and features. Thus we use different dosing equipments for different packed goods.

Are packaging machines delivered with a dosing device?

In general cases most packaging machines are supplied without dosing equipment. These equipments are given with the machine if the customer wants it. About Transportation, Commissioning, Training, Warranty, Servicing

What is fumigation and what are its uses?

Fumigation is a kind of heat treatment. It is used to do wooden packaging of those goods that are exported to exotic countries. Fumigation is also used to eliminate pests. It makes wooden boxes to be marked with ISPM 15.

Do you include the charges of transport and shipping while supplying packaging machines?

Yes according to the distance of destination the price of shipping charges is declared later. In some cases the customers pay shipping charges from their own pocket. However the price of transport does not include food expenses and boarding charges for technicians. .

What is the warranty period for your packaging machines?

The maximum warranty period for our packaging machines is 12 months.

What do you do when some accessory of a packaging machine gets damaged before the end of its warranty period?

In such condition the defective accessory or part is replaced by a new one that too free of cost.

Do you include spare parts at the time of delivering packaging machines?

Yes we supply those tools that are the basic parts of packaging machines. The list of these parts is mentioned in the user manual.

Do you give response to your older packaging machines when they get defective?

Yes! When such a condition occurs then we suggest our old customers to contact the sales department with the serial no of the packaging machine. Before repairing such machines we create a quotation and send the defective machine to the factory of Vlasm. Here the task of repairing packaging machines is done.

How do you handle the sessions of training to operate packaging machines?

We carry free training sessions at the factory to make customers know how to operate packaging machines. Our supplier guide customers about the tips to operate packaging machines. We guide buyers to install machines without obstructions.

How do you install packaging machines by your technician after delivering them to customers?

If the customer desires we send our technicians to install the bought packaging machine at their place. We also offer the option of giving installation training to our customers at our manufacturing factory at Vlasim for free.

Do you include the user’s manual at the time of delivering the packaging machine?

Yes! Of course we provide user’s manual or an electro manual while delivering the packaging machine to customers. Customers can get this manual in various languages like English, German, Czech and others. They can also request for user’s manual in their preferred language by paying additional cost. .

About Spare Parts

Do you include spare parts while delivering packaging machines to customers?

Yes! We offer spare parts while supplying packaging machines to customers. The list of these spare parts is mentioned in the technical manual.

Do you keep spare parts of packaging machines in stock?

Yes! We keep spare parts in stock that are identical to those of packaging machines.

Do you offer spare parts for package machine? How do you process such orders?

Of course we offer spare parts for packaging machines. Even customers order spare parts of these machines to the sales department with order number. The model number of such packaging machines is mentioned in the technical manual. Each packaging machine has its own individual parts with marked positions. These positions are shown in a table of respective assembly as per order numbers. The customers buy spare parts according to his order number..

How fast do you deliver spare parts of packaging machines?

Our company delivers spare parts of packaging machines as early as possible. The time of delivery also depends on the complexity of the structure of spare parts. We generally take a time duration of 3-20 days to deliver spare parts to our customers. We always confirm the date of delivery to our buyers.

How can we order spare parts of your packaging machines?

You may order spare parts on phone ((+420 317 844 666 +420 317 844 666). You may also send emails to us.